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>> we hope they find him soon. thanks, tracee. and looking outside right now, clear skies but we have some flight delays this morning as a result of that fog. the fog is gone, at least, and let's talk to tom kierein. >> it came in late last night and got thicker by the time we got toward dawn and at this hour the fog has just about dissipated all over the entire region. it's been replaced by some
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glorious sunshine. there is the live view from our skywatcher camera. just a couple of clouds way off on the western horizon. there is american university there in the foreground. the temperatures are warming up nicely with this strong april sun now hitting the low and mid-60s and out at dulles now, 64 where this morning they had zero visibility. we just saw tracee there, and you can tell the visibility is just wonderful. visibility at all airports ten miles generally, reagan national and at dulles the visibilities are also very good now at bwi where they had some delays earlier this morning. the area temperatures even out of the mountain where is they had a freezing start this morning are now near 60 with that strong sun and it's in the low 60s on the eastern shore. here's the forecast for the rest of this afternoon. should be just a delightful april day, mostly sunny. and we're going to have a weak front coming through in the next several hours that may give us a passing shower, first of all, out of the mountains and then later in the afternoon. but there's a very small chance of that. otherwise, quite a bit of
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sunshine, a few clouds building as high temperatures climb into the low 70s. so a delightful day coming up. i'll have details on friday. we'll take a look at the weekend, as well, and we'll take a look into the first part of next week in just a few minutes. barbara? >> hope it's a good weekend. >> well, we'll see. >> all right. we'll see in a few minutes. let's check on the midday traffic with jerry edwards. how is it looking out there? >> barbara, good morning. it's been a tough tail end of the rush hour for the midday. a nasty crash a little while ago, outer loop of the capital beltway as you head toward the dulles toll road. police pretty much have everything wrapped up but in the meantime traffic is running slowly. the outer loop delays back at river road, the accident at the georgetown pike completely at the shoulder. another 30 minutes hopefully now barring late complications. those delays should ease. inner loop of the beltway toward tyson's and toward the i-95
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interchange. we'll keep you updated. barbara? >> all right, jerry. thank you. we are following a developing story out of the gulf coast where the coast guard is looking for 11 men still missing after tuesday's oil rig explosion. the blast injured more than a dozen people, four of them critically, and the fire on that oil rig is still burning this morning. jay gray has the latest now from louisiana. >> reporter: the agonizing wait stretched into the early morning for the 11 families in south carolina. >> we have no idea where they are but we're going to continue to search. >> reporter: the men are still missing after a violent explosion late tuesday night on this oil rig about 50 miles off the coast. as the search continued overnight, so did the fire that initially engulfed the platform and pushed a blanket of thick black smoke across the gulf sky. >> we don't have an awful lot of informs about the immediate period of time and the sequence of events just before. >> reporter: officials with the
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swiss contractor transocean, which owns the rig, said the explosion appeared to be a blowout, which means natural gas or oil forced its way up a well pipe and sparked the blast. but they stressed the investigation is ongoing and there's no definitive cause at this point. >> we don't know what caused the incident. our efforts are concentrated on caring for the people and secondly securing the rig. >> reporter: at least 17 people were injured. several are still in the hospital this morning. close to 100, though, managed to escape the flames. they were reunited with family members overnight at this suburban new orleans hotel. also now joining the families of their missing friends, waiting and praying for a miracle. now, at last check, oil was still spewing from the deep rig and the fire still burning there with no clear indication of when crews may have the flames under control. jay gray, nbc news, bell chase,
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louisiana. >> as for the environmental impact of this explosion, authorities say it appears to be minimal at this point. metro riders, you better hold on to your wallets. today the agency's interim general manager is expected to present his plan for easing the system's budget woes. he is going before metro's board. according to published reports, he wants to raise rail fares to a minimum of $1.95 during peak hours. that's up 30 cents. the longest trips could cost as much as $5. bus fares would be $1.50 for smart trip users, a 25-cent increase, and parking would cost 50 cents more. metro is trying to close a $180 million budget gap. our time right now, 12 minutes after 11:00. the president is pushing new financial reforms this morning. coming up, what president obama is expected to say later this hour at a college near wall street. plus, the sun like you have never seen it before. some amazing pictures from nasa. a big sports day in our
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area. celebrating another caps' playoff win and the redskins get to pick a new young star. and you may notice we have a brand-new studio this morning. this studio, our new home, allows us to come to you in hd.
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president barack obama is pushing for reform this morning. within the hour he'll outline plans for new financial regulations he says are needed to prevent another economic mess. elaine reyes has a preview of the proposal. good morning. >> good morning to you, barbara. the president is getting ready to give remarks at cooper union college near wall street in new york city. he will outline the need for legislation to impose new financial oversight and will also call on wall street to join the fight. president obama's plan is geared towards preventing another crisis by more monitoring. he wants to create a new process for taking down giant failing companies and preventing future wall street bailouts. there would also be more rules on the market for derivatives. democrats are getting ready to debate a financial regulation bill in the senate. the house passed its version back in december. the president says without change america is doomed to repeat the past.
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>> i, and i think the vast majority of americans, think it is unacceptable to have a situation in which, you know, tails you win and heads i lose. >> although both democrats and republicans agree that an overhaul is in order, they still expect to fight in passing a bill. meantime, goldman sachs executives make their way to capitol hill next tuesday. they were previously scheduled to talk about risky investments at a senate hearing. now that there are fraud charges, expect to hear much more about what happened and why. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, elaine. and new today, space shuttle "atlantis" is in place for liftoff. overnight, the shuttle slowly crawled the 3.4-mile route to the launch pad. it was just two days ago that a different shuttle, the "discovery," touched down after visiting the international space station. "atlant "atlantis" is scheduled to lift off next month to deliver more
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equipment to the space station. and take a look at this. nasa is showing us the sun like we've never seen it before. these pictures are the first images from one of nasa's newest projects. the pictures show something called an eruption on the sun and there's a solar flare there, too. scientists say the flare has a temperature of 10 million degrees. nasa began a five-year mission to study the sun earlier this year. we've seen a little of the sun here in washington today, but we did not see it at all yesterday, tom. indeed, we got the rain. we do need the rain. it has been dry this april, and this morning we were socked in with some thick fog. and as we look at this live view from our city camera, we now have actually a view of our skyline. we couldn't even see that this morning. visibilities got down below one mile at reagan national right around dawn, but elsewhere farther to the west it was near zero visibility in many locations especially at dulles airport. but you can see the beautiful sunshine pouring down on the
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monuments now. it's just a delightful april day under way. well, look at the temperatures we have at this hour. right now temperatures have hit the 60s in the shenandoah valley. now it's at 66 in winchester and now here in washington, temperatures at 61 degrees at reagan national. prince george's county now in the low 60s and in montgomery and fairfax, arlington county, they're in the low sixty as well. around the chesapeake bay, it's a little bit cooler with the wind off the water and annapolis, 54. eastern shore in the low 60s and out of the mountains, they had temperatures this morning that were at or below freezing. look at the latest visibility, they are now at ten miles or greater. so this morning it was down to zero in many locations. this has improved dramatically over the last several hours. the temperatures around the mid-atlantic states are pleasant now. off to a chilly start in the mountains. it's near 60 there and western maryland, eastern shore now, the low 60s, low 60s across southern
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virginia and into the carolinas. now, as we take a look at the view from space over the last 24 hours, we have seen the storm system cranking up here in the central part of the rockies and out ahead of that we may get some severe weather. this is a large storm system that's going to be advancing to the east, and it'll be sort of tracking right on top of us and then stall out here for the weekend and into the first part of next week. as that happens, it will give us some rain. it appears for saturday and sunday and into the first part of next week. well, let's take a look at the closer view. we have seen this storm system we had with the rain yesterday exiting off to the east. and as we go forward now, the futurecast over the next 12 to 24 hours shows just a few clouds around this afternoon as we get a weak front coming through. during the day on friday, a few clouds and here comes some rain from that storm system in the midwest. that will likely be arriving during the day on saturday. for the rest of this afternoon,
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enjoy. it will be mostly sunny, a slight chance of a shower. we veal our temperatures climbing into the low 70s by midafternoon and that wind coming out of the northwest that may be gusting from time to time around 15 to 20 miles an hour. now here's how we're looking for the next several hours into the evening hours. we'll see it down to the upper 50s by midnight and then by dawn tomorrow we'll have it down into the mid-40s under a mostly clear sky, so we'll have lots of sun probably tomorrow morning. now as we look into friday afternoon, we should make it up to around 70 degrees. it'll be partly cloudy, then, yeah, looks like rain on saturday and sunday, both days looking wet and cooler, morning lows low and mid-50s, afternoon highs in the 60s and it looks like that storm system may actually persist into the first part of next week. that's the way it looks this morning, barbara. >> this should be the weekend right now, shouldn't it? >> it is. the timing is a little bit off. >> we'll talk to you again. maybe you can fix that. >> unfortunately. i wish i could. >> thank you, tom. let's head out to the roads with jerry and see if folks are
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taking off early for the weekend. jerry? a beautiful thought, isn't it? barbara, live look along interstate 270 southbound. the right side of your screen as if you look at the very top of your screen still looking at delays beginning on the i-270 spur and that slow traffic all the way down toward the american legion bridge. we saw the accident earlier on the outer loop of the beltway just after the georgetown pike, took a while to clear it. out of the roadway now, so hopefully barring any late complications, those delays should begin to ease as they are. the trip on the capital beltway not bad at all. both the inner loop and outer loop as you travel between springfield and i-66. any roadwork at this point subject to change. any roadwork is out of the travel portion of the roadway. we'll keep you updated. looks pretty good. not bad for a midday. >> jerry, thank you. 11:22 is the time. still ahead, today is the 40th birthday of earth day. to mark the occasion, a new look inside the ocean from disney. plus, we'll get you ready for the weekend with some ideas
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for a girls' night out. and today is draft day. will the redskins make a splash with the fourth overall pick?
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the caps are one win away from moving to the second round of the playoffs. they beat the montreal canadiens 6-3 last night to take a three game to one lead in the series.
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alex ovechkin scored two goals in the win, including the go-ahead goal early in the third period. the caps could finish off montreal for good tomorrow night. but head coach bruce boudreau says he doesn't want to get overconfident. >> the big message is that it's not over, you know, and we can't sit there and start looking at what's happening in other series and taking the games lightly, thinking that we're going to win, because i know some of the players on that team. they've got a lot of pride. >> game five of the series is set for tomorrow night at the verizon center. the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. and the nfl draft is tonight, and the redskins have the number-four pick. many experts say the skins will select an offensive tackle with that pick. the skins also have only four picks overall. that's the fewest of any nfl team. rounds two and three of the draft are tomorrow. round four through seven on saturday. and people around the world are observing earth day today.
11:27 am
t there are a number of events around town this weekend if you'd like to celebrate. the national mall will be holding one of the largest earth day gatherings in the world on sunday. a concert featuring sting, john legend and the roots among other huge stars. it begins at noon. in virginia, alexandria will be holding its own earth day celebration on saturday at ben brinnman park. that starts at 10:00 a.m. and up 95, the baltimore aquarium will be holding its own event featuring games and activities for the whole family and that's on saturday and that will all start at 10:00 a.m. and help save the earth while saving yourself some money. the disney store will be giving out ecocaps made from organic material to kids who bring in six plastzic bottles or aluminum cans. pottery barn will also give out free plants to kids between 11:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. and wallgreens will refill your printer cartridges for just a dollar with a coupon.
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it usually costs $12.99 to do that. it's now 11:27. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," a family trying to understand how their 18-year-old daughter with no signs of health problems could die after suffering a massive stroke. plus, the search for the men who robbed a popular sports bar in the district in broad daylight. sand om of our area's most powerful people are spending their lunch hour reading with d.c. school students. tom kierein is also back with a look ahead at what could be a rainy weekend.
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right now on "news 4 midday," the coast guard is working around the clock to find 11 men missing since an offshore oil rig that they were on exploded. 17 people were hurt in the blast tuesday night off the coast of louisiana. four of them are in critical condition. the rig is still on fire. officials don't know when the flames will finally die out. a private funeral is being held right now for brian betts, the d.c. school principal murdered inside his silver spring home. hundreds of students and colleagues attended his viewing yesterday. betts was a principal at shaw middle school at g garnet-patterson. there are no suspects. police are searching for a norwegian army work dog that went missing at dulles airport. condor was on his way back home when he somehow got loose. he was spotted on the tarmac but no one has been able to find him yet. well, a stroke can hit at
11:32 am
any time, but you don't think of it happening to a teenager. nbc's lee cowan reports on an 18-year-old beauty queen who died after a stroke. >> reporter: in the hawaiian islands, the aloha spirit is a way of life, and few, it seems, lived aloha better than cheryl wolf. >> every moment, every second we spent together, it was -- made things brighter. >> cheryl was amazing. just such a special person, and that's why i loved her so much. >> reporter: she was always photogenic, cute as a baby, stunning as a young woman. she entered two beauty pageants and won, both times. >> congratulations! >> reporter: she was going for her third crown next month, miss hawaii teen world. but then -- >> i guess god had other plans for her. >> reporter: just 20 minutes after her father dropped his queen off at school, the 18-year-old suffered a massive
11:33 am
stroke. >> all of a sudden, everybody was in shock. >> reporter: she stayed conscious for a while. >> remember the bumblebee pageant? >> reporter: and her father says she remained herself. >> her head was hurting a lot. she was still being humorous when she was awake. that was just cheryl. >> reporter: but soon the awake moments faded and a week later cheryl's eyes closed for good. her pageant sisters didn't understand. after all, cheryl was healthy, outgoing, athletic, never a single warning sign. >> it's very rare that a stroke would happen in somebody her age. >> reporter: her last night in the hospital was rare, too. a beauty pageant of sorts with her former competitors all crowded by her bedside. >> usually at the end of a queen's reign she has her farewell walk. so we gave that to her.
11:34 am
we replayed the pageant video. we had a slide show. and, you know, it was her time. >> reporter: the next morning, doctors wheeled cheryl away to grant her final wish. her parents didn't know, but when she got her drive's permit cheryl asked that her organs be donated. >> i always say it's not about the crown on your head but the crown in your heart and cheryl definitely did have a crown in her heart. >> reporter: and in that spirit, her friends vowed to keep her pageant dreams alive. flow will take cheryl's place at the next competition wearing the very same dress cheryl would have worn. >> it's definitely not about me. it's not my time to shine that night. it's hers. it's her spirit walking with me that night. >> reporter: cheryl's ashes will be scattered along the north shore where the water and the sky meet and somewhere along that distant horizon her aloha spirit will live on.
11:35 am
lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> strokes in teenagers are not common. the warning signs can be severe headache, vomiting and dizziness. those awith the family history f strokes and clots are at higher risk and young teens taking birth control could also raise their risks. we'll take a look at the forecast. tom joins us. >> a beautiful day under way now after quite a foggy and chilly start this morning. now we've got the sunshine back. that's the live view from our skywatcher camera. you can see beautiful sunshine pouring down, just a few clouds moving in from the west at this hour. and the temperatures around the region are warming up with the strong april sun now into the 60s from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches, now 61 at reagan national, low to mid-60s in prince george's, monlt gomry, eastern fairfax coun county. eastern shore hitting the low 60s, near 60 in the mountain
11:36 am
where is they had subfreezing temperatures this morning. for this afternoon, mostly sunny, a slight chance for a shower. a weak front coming through as highs reach the low 70s with a light northwesterly breeze. tonight, a partly cloudy sky, we'll be near upper 50s by midnight. then by dawn into the mid-40s starting off friday morning. sun's up today, 7:52. by dawn tomorrow we'll be into the 40s. but in the afternoon, up around 70 again on friday and for saturday and sunday both days a chance of passing showers with highs in the 60s. then as we get into next week, the extended outlook, it does appear we will have a chance of some showers, perhaps on monday and tuesday with highs in the 60s. that's the wait looks. barbara? >> all right, tom. thank you. one more look at our midday traffic out there. jerry edwards, what do you say? >> hey, barbara. good morning, everyone. we have bay area traffic in a couple spots because of the inevitable construction. first the accident, outer loop of the beltway near the
11:37 am
georgetown pike. the accident happened in the 9:00 hour. took a while for the authorities to clear it. still looking at very heavy traffic out of maryland trying to get over the american legion bridge over to tyson's corner even with all lanes open. roadwork slowing things down quite a bit, 95 southbound ap pz you leave newington, headed toward lorton, very heavy traffic there. right now the hov lane still configured for the northbound flow. so route 1 is a better alternate. planning on traveling south or northbound right now, your lanes appear to be open, not too bad to the belt ai wand to and across the 14th street bridge. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry. thank you. a federal air marshal from northern virginia is charged with raping a woman at gunpoint while wearing his badge. the incident happened at a hotel near seattle-tacoma international airport on saturday. police say 30-year-old lecheton "omar" settles threatened a woman described as an escort with a gun. investigators say he forced her to have sex, telling her he was a u.s. marshal. the transportation security
11:38 am
admistration says settles has been fired. new developments this morning in a police beating in college park. officials at the university of maryland are trying to explain how some surveillance video went missing. the video was taken on march 3rd during student celebrations over a basketball victory against duke. prince george's county police were seen beating a student on camera. the student's lawyers had to get a court order before officials turned over footage from a nearby security camera. and the footage missiysteriousld a three-minute gap in it. officials say the gap happened before the celebration even started and that the cam are ra did not catch the beating, but the student's lawyer is calling it a cover-up. police in the district are hoping surveillance video helps them catch two men who robbed a popular sports bar in broad daylight. the men hit nellie's on u street in northwest washington on monday afternoon. police say the robbers attacked the bar's manager and made off with about $300 in cash. the manager is okay.
11:39 am
investigators believe the robbers got away in a white honda accord with a rear spoiler. they're offering a $10,000 reward that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. the d.c. region is moving on up. that's the word from the latest census figures. with almost 5.5 million people, the d.c. metropolitan area is now the eighth large nest the country. we've surpassed the atlanta area in population. fuelling the rise in our area's population is the growth in the suburbs, especially lou don and faulkier counties in northern virginia. new york, los angeles, and chicago remain the three most pop ypopulous areas. nbc's norah o'donnell shows us a power lunch hour that helps young people learn how to love to read. >> reporter: tuesday is reading day at this elementary school. >> she got more than three
11:40 am
quarters. >> good. >> reporter: these students give up recess for some quality time with some of washington, d.c.'s elite, like iowa senator tom harkin and 9-year-old javon carter. >> right? yeah. >> reporter: the late senator ted kennedy read with one every week for three years. >> apostrophe because it's possessive. >> reporter: his widow, vicky kennedy, is continuing the tradition. >> he loved this hour on tuesdays. he rearranged his schedule. >> reporter: it's all part of the mission of everybody wins d.c., a privately funded nonprofit group. >> you take the time to read with a child, you do two things -- you let that child know that reading is important and you let that child know that they are important. >> oh, do i need one of those, bradley asked. >> reporter: the power lunch, as the group likes to call it, relies on a simple formula -- pair one child with one mentor for one hour every week. and everybody wins, even the
11:41 am
mentors. >> we could probably argue on, this but i still say we get the most out of it and i've said before for someone like me, an hour here is an hour of santi. >> reporter: in schools, the need could not be more urgent. more than one in three adults in the nation's capital are ill literal. >> here in washington, d.c., 90% of the fourth-graders read below their level. >> reporter: derrick works on capitol hill. >> when i started this program, i realized for the first time that, you know, i was reading when i was dante's age. >> reporter: it's not just about reading. >> last week he didn't know compromise and i told him that was okay. a lot of people i worked with didn't know it either. >> reporter: perhaps a powerful less son that helps prepare these kids for their next chapter. norah o'donnell, nbc news, washington. the time right now 11:41. still ahead on "news 4 midday," we'll check out how the markets are reacting to reports on home sales and jobless numbers. plus a new documentary that
11:42 am
records the vastness and diversity of the ocean. stay with us.
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11:44 am
disney is celebrating earth day with a big screen debut. "oceans" opens around the country today. the film uses the latest technology to explore the mysterious ocean floor that covers nearly three-fourths of the globe. the film was produced by disney nature, the same studio that made "earth" last year.
11:45 am
"oceans" is rated "g." new claims for unemployment benefits dropped sharply as jobs markets slowly improved. let's check in with cnbc's courtney reagan. she joins us with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. hi, courtney. >> good morning, barbara. dow down about 90 points or so. we've been lower really since the opening bell sounded this morning and that was after sort of edging up yesterday on some positive earnings reports. stocks did end up closing lower in asia as well as europe, trending downward. and like you mentioned, we got those first-time claims for jobless benefits. they fell by 24,000 last week. that's always a good thing, a total of 456,000. continuing claims from benefits, though, did rise so people still out there looking for jobs that had previously been receiving them. and existing home sales numbers posting a nearly 7% rise. how's that for a little pop in the housing market in the middle of the week? veriz
11:46 am
verizon, pepsico, marriott. microsoft, american express and amazon report this evening. goldman sachs' ceo lloyd blankfein goes on the attack. the "financial times" reports he's blasting the s.e.c. fraud charges against the bank in phone calls to clients. one person says the s.e.c. is, quote, out to kill us and the case is politically motivated. the s.e.c. says it doesn't time cases to political events, which is the senate's debate on financial reform. blankfein testifies at a senate hearing on tuesday and we're told will be attending president obama's speech about financial reform here in new york city in just a couple of moments. well, sony will announce today a deal to stream live major league baseball games via the ps-3. by the end of the week, you'll be able to sign up with this is major league's first deal with a video game maker. that makes probably all the out-of-town fans very happy. back to you, barbara. >> people will want to watch ice
11:47 am
hockey in washington on that. thank you so much. see you tomorrow. >> see you then. >> have a great day. >> thank you. today's "wednesday's child" is a lovely young girl with a terrific personality. she's hoping that someday soon she'll have the family that she's been dreaming of. meet sierra. hi, sierra. >> hi, barbara. >> it's so good to see you. >> you, too. >> do you know where we're going? the museum. i know you want to be a lawyer. do you ever think you might want to be a spy? >> cool. i like gadgets. >> inside, we met spy museum director peter ernest. >> hi. >> how are you? it's good to meet you. >> once a spy himself during his 38-year career with the cia, peter ernest offered us a tour and a firsthand view of what it's like to be under cover. >> when people talk about i have a cover, that's when i pretend to be somebody else. >> sierra was fascinated, especially when given her own cover, a new identity as a spy. >> here's what i want you to try and remember, okay?
11:48 am
>> yes. >> what's your name? >> jane myers. >> and you're what? how old are you? >> 13. >> how old are you really? >> 12. >> in real life, sierra has had to make some changes. five years ago, at is 7 years old, she became a foster child. >> she came to the system due to instability in her home. >> she says sierra is a bright youngster who adapts well to new situations. >> sierra's very friendly, very outgoing. she's very inquisitive. she really thirsts for knowledge. >> sierra says spying looks very interesting but she really wants to be a lawyer someday. >> i want to be a lawyer and -- because lawyers, like, they like to debate and i like to debate. >> but right now she wants a permanent, loving family. tell me about the kind of family you would like to have. >> a fun family, a family like
11:49 am
that. >> we're looking for a family ha will build upon her strengths to encourage her, motivate her, and with -- along with love she will learn and be very successful. >> in the bag, among other things, is a t-shirt with a message. deny everything. but it's no secret sierra would like to share everything with a family. and if you have room in your home and your heart for sierra or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hotline. 1-888-to-adopt-me or our home page, 11:49 is the time now. coming up, fun spots for a girls' night out in today's "weekend scene." plus, meteorologist tom kierein will have another check of the forecast. stay with us.
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it's time to check the weekend scene with "the washington post." hey, liveania. some unusual fun in bars. they're not just for drinking anymore. >> no. if you want to feel like a kid again, the best place to be is at a bar, which doesn't make any sense at all, but bars are having a lot of success hosting games from our childhood like ski ball and ping-pong and even spelling bees. >> you have to be at least 18 to go. >> 21. >> oh, 21. >> and it's fun. some of the bars that we really
11:53 am
like were the reef. they're hosting slot car racing. it's free. it's on monday nights. and it's a great way to get your friends together and race the matchbox-type cars. it's so much fun. >> it does sound like fun. >> tuesdays they're doing ping-pong and taco tuesdays. and the people who go i heard are really fantastic players. you have to bring your "a" game. >> ping-pong is getting to be very popular around restaurants and bars. >> it is. yeah. finally, i have to tell you about the spelling bee. it's a legitimate spelling bee. they're using script words like flagellation. the winner is really not just somebody who can spell the best but hold their liquor, really. >> i guess you'd have to to be able to keep spelling words like that one. you also talk about great places to go for a girls' night out. >> if you wanted to leave the games to the boys, going out
11:54 am
with the ladies is such a fun thing to do, such a great wyeway to unwind and get away from families. we found some places that are fantastic for doing this. in alexandria, nick's nightclub has been around a while but it's a honky-tonk. if you like country music at all, that is great place to go. they sort of specialize in line dancing, something that women like to do together. and they do free lessons on tuesday nights for women and then on fridays and saturdays it's free admission before 9:00 p.m. for women. >> that sounds like fun. finally, a popular event at college park this weekend. >> yes. it's maryland day. anyone who has been to maryland day knows it's not about just students and alumni. it's really open to everyone. it's a free event, this saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> what are the activities? >> they have something for everybody. there are theater performances, broadway singing, lots of games for kids. there's a kids' carnival and of course the best part is the 3:00 p.m. scrimmage, which is played every year. it's a great chance to kind of
11:55 am
get ready for football. >> it sounds fantastic. >> rain or shine. >> thanks so much for coming. >> thank you. >> for more information, check out our around the town section at or the going-out wide at we'll take a look at some of the stories we're following on news 4 this afternoon. jim handley joins was a preview. good morning, barbara. a lot happening on this big day at news 4, first at 4:00 today, what's better for the environment, electric or hybrid cars? the answer is more difficult to term than you might think. at 5:00 tonight, you've seen the ads for shake weight. it claims to tone and sculpt your arms, but does it really do that? those stories and all the day's news and the latest on your weather forecast, too, when we join you right here at 4:00 and 5:00 from our new home. barbara, it looks great on you. >> okay. thank you very much. time for a final check on
11:56 am
our forecast. tom is here with us. tom, tell us what's going on out there. >> well, there's a live view of our city camera. you can see a beautiful day under way. there's the washington monument. there's a live view from the skywatcher camera looking toward the est, virginia in the distance. just a few high clouds coming in at the west at this hour, a weak front that will be moving our way by later this afternoon. right now the temperatures have hit the 60s. we're right in the comfort zone, in fact, near 70 already in the shenandoah valley. and that thick fog we had earlier this morning is all gone. eastern shore now temperatures are in the low 60s and it's in the low to mid-60s in montgomery county, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's county. now, as we take a look at the temperatures elsewhere, eastern shore now in the low 60s, out of the mountains there near 60 degrees, and for the rest of the afternoon it should be mostly sunny, just a slight chance of a shower as we have a weak front coming through, highs reaching the low 70s, so just a delightful day. northwest breeze gusting to maybe around 20 miles an hour. overnight tonight it'll be
11:57 am
partly cloudy, temperatures near 60. by midevening, sunset 7:52 and by dawn 6:21 into the mid-40s and lots of sunshine. during the day on friday, it will be partly cloudy, tomorrow's highs near 70. then over the weekend, storm system that's way out of the rockies now will be coming our way. looks like a chance of light rain on saturday, off and on through the day with highs in the low 60s, upper 60s on sunday with some passing showers as well. this may linger as well into the first part of next week. that's the way it looks. >> looks good, tom. except for that rain. but i'll have to deal with that. okay. thank you very much. ♪ it isn't often that someone looks forward to the end celts of a tv show, but those final moments on nbc's hit community are some viewers' favorite part of the show. each week credits feature short bits by two of the show's stars, danny and donald. the sketches have little to do with that episode but always make people laugh.
11:58 am
those laughs will keep coming for at least another year now. community just got picked up for another season. watch the "community" cast and an all-new episode tonight at 8:00 on nbc 4. and that's "news 4 midday." we thank you for joining us and invite you to tune in for "the daily connection" at 2:00 this afternoon. we have news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 later today and at 11:00. i'll be back with tom and the rest of the gang tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for "news 4 midday." we hope you'll join us. until then, have a terrific day.
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